From solitude until the gathering of the Community


June 2014


The month of June has been a difficult month, but at the same time, a month full of movement. June is the month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and in Kurdeg, the Parish Church is dedicated to Sacred Heart, so we had especial devotion during this month to pray to the merciful and compassionate heart of Jesus to bestow on us his abundant blessings.

Regarding the life in the Community of Kurdeg some ups and downs have been there. Brother Selvan (in Tamil Nadu, applying for Passport and visiting his family) and Brother Sandip (in Bangalore, Karnataka, for theology studies) were transferred from this Community and are no longer here. Brother Raja, who went earlier to Bangalore, is now in Madurai (preparing his assignments and research paper) and will go home for visiting his family and the wedding of his own sister. Br. Abhay is at home with his family. So, Br. Efraim, the Superior, is staying alone in Kurdeg Community; the first days, some of the future candidates are making company to him, but due to the inconvenience of language they cannot understand each other.

On 4 June, Br. Superior and 3 future candidates travelled from Kurdeg to Rourkela by car. There in Rourkela other future candidates are waiting, as well as our aspirants of Eluru and the newly professed Brothers (Danid, Sumilan and Sandeep M.) All of them waiting for Tata-Dhanbad-Allepey Train which will take them until our Formation House of Eluru. Some candidates of the Sisters were also present. Finally the train arrived and all found accommodation. Train was very full of people… and it was very very hot. Boys asked Brother Efra to go with them until Eluru, but he had other occupations in Kurdeg to do. So, he went back alone to Kurdeg.

During this time, Brother was alone in the Community house. He followed his own timetable for prayers, meals, etc. Those days, Kurdeg is very hot; during the day, you cannot stay outside, only in the shadow of the tree; at night it’s impossible to sleep, because it’s terribly hot and there is no electricity. For the meals, cook was coming, but sometimes Brother was not eating, and other times he was sick. Mornings he was taking tea with the Fathers, and evening he was going to Sisters’ Convent for drinking ‘Aam pani’ (mango water); at home he was taking ‘Satu pani’ (very refreshing drink for this hot climate).

On 7 June, Saturday, Brother received the visit of St Lucy Sisters from Eluru. Two Sisters came for recruiting one girl from Kurdeg Parish. Brother went to Simdega to pick them up after having paid a visit to the Bishop (to talk about land matters) and having done some purchases. On the way to Kurdeg, Brother stopped in Purnapani, Pastoral Centre. He visited the new Sister in charge and Fr Peter Barla (who is going to be transferred). Speaking to Fr Barla, finally Brother recovered the amount of money that Father owed to the Community of Eluru. This amount is a free donation (ehem!) of Eluru Community for all the inconvenience caused. Finally we all arrived in Kurdeg, and Sisters stayed that night in our Community. They contacted the girl, who next day, Sunday, would come.

Sunday 8 was the celebration of First Communion (for second time in Kurdeg Church). This time some 120 children (and no so children) took for the first time the Communion, participating so of the Body and Blood of Our Lord Jesus Christ. Sisters and candidate that early morning went to Rourkela by bus. That night Brother was sick –kidney pain- and he couldn’t sleep; next day he also had some stomach problem (maybe due to the tablets he took at night). Those days Brother was sleeping in the corridor with the cat (‘Mishi’) as company.

New Brothers were appointed to form part of this Community: Br. Anand and Br. Subash. Both are from Odisha, Roukela Diocese, near Rajgangpur, but different parishes. Brother Superior agreed with them to go and pick them up on Saturday 14. So, with the help of the Sisters (Headmistress and Superior) they went to Rajgangpur on that day. Like an outing day. First they met Br. Anand in Kutra and then Br. Subash in Rajgangpur. We were refreshed by nice ice-cream and lassy. On the way home, we had our lunch in a hotel in Bargaon. We took the way of Subdega, Kasega and finally Kurdeg. New Brothers were accommodated in the dependencies of the Community. Already Br. Subash knew the place, but the following days it was for them a first contact with the place and people of Kurdeg.

On Sunday there was Catholic Shaba rally, so all the parish priests of the Kurdeg Vicariate gathered for the celebration of the Eucharist. Many people attended. That day we had also meal in the parish house (Fathers, Brothers and Sisters). On Monday, Br. Abhay returned after his holidays. He is to be one year more in the Community of Kurdeg.

The lessons in the three Schools of Kurdeg started on 9 June, but they were suspended due to the scorching heat and the lack of rain. They were to be restart on 18 June. For the Brothers there was no problem, they joined the schools with all natural manner: Br. Abhay and Br. Anand are going to teach to Boys’ Middle School, and Br. Subash (and Br. Raja) is going to Nirmala High School. For the news Brothers, beginnings are difficult, but they are adapting themselves as best as they can.

In the Parish, they are two transfers: Fr. Sashi is going for a Sabbatical year, and Parish Priest, Fr Raphael, is going to Samsera. So, there are also programs of farewell for Fathers, especially Fr Raphael. In the Middle School, we participated of a fraternal meal; next day, Sunday, 21, we invited Fathers for dinner to our Community; next day, we enjoyed the tea time in Sir Walter Toppo’s house and the dinner in Sisters’ Convent; next day, “final supper of parish priest” in the Parish House (with the presence of the new Parish Priest, Fr Isidore). On 24 June, Br. Superior and Br. Anand went to Simdega to meet the Bishop (more about land matters and registration) and Br. Abhay accompanied the delegation of the parish for the installation of the new parish priest in Samsera. Br. Subash remained in the School.

At Community we were following the normal timetable: for meals, prayers, Mass, Community meeting, rest, recreation... Since it is the time for the World Cup, we tried to repair our TV antenna to watch some matches, but for some mysterious reasons, at 9.30pm, that particular channel of the World Cup is not working (during the day, yes). So, for two or three matches we all went to the house of a teacher, sir Vijay. There, many fellows of Hatta village also gathered to watch football. Interest to watch football matches is there in the people, but not everyone has TV at home (for we have no electricity) and they cannot afford a small generator or genset.

And life is going on… We are waiting for Br. Raja’s return to complete the Community members for this academic year 2014-2015. The Community is formed by: Br. Efraím, Superior and Administrator, Br. Abhay, Br. Raja, Br. Anand and Br. Subash.

   The chronicler of Kurdeg.  

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May, Month of Mary, Vocation Camps, family visits and transfers 

   May 2014

Month of May is known as Mary’s month, especially the first day is month reminds us the feast of St Joseph the worker, though it was a government holiday except the High School others had working day. In our parish this feast was celebrated on the next day.

On 2nd was the seminar for the parents, many had participated in this function. Br Efra and Br Raja went in search of a place for the vocation camp in Simdega it was little difficult to change place of the camp. They reached the place called Binthaintolli by vehicle there we were waiting for Br Abhay and Br Xavier. As it was getting late we moved from that place with Fr Sulaiman who was the parish priest. We came noon to Samtoli parish as well had lunch there.

We picked Br Abhay in Simdega and send Br Xavier to Rourkela so the teachers of the Schools were leading the songs in that day.

3rd vocation camp started in some as we have sent the letters most of the candidates came to Poornapani we fetched them from there to Binthaintoli. Fr Sulaiman the parish priest of Binthaintoli return with us. Around there were 10 boys and 3 aspirants and Br Sandip Kullu was helped us that day. Two more boys and Br Sumilan were expected to arrive the next day. Br Abhay was at home taking care house and school.

4th as was Sunday we celebrated Eucharist with the people of Parish. At the end of the mass parish priest introduced us as well all those who were attending the vocation camp. All the programs were going on well safe and sound. Evening we played to gather with the hostel boys at the end all the boys bath in a pond near the parish.

5th we was English and intelligent test for the Boys soon after we had personal meetings, noon time they dedicated some hours practicing some programs. At night we had programs some of the kids from the hostel too participated just for a minute. These days Fr Tobias who was in charge of retreat center was taking care of us well and good.

6th last day of the camp in Binthaintoli and Fr Ajith Singh is priestly ordination day also he was not willing to celebrate it. In Binthaintoli soon after the breakfast we wanted to leave as vehicle delayed we haired a small vehicle to send some boys in it to Simdega. We started to go for house visit from Lasia to Kutungia where the boy could not know the way to his home by going in vehicle. We reached home at 9:30pm Br Abhay was waiting for us.

7th Fr Raphel was celebrating his 22 years of his priestly ordination day. For the Eucharist some from Youva sang, Mahila sang and Catholic Sabha came to great him on this day. We religious also greeted him soon after mass he invited all the staff members of the schools for lunch. Brothers had house visit in the part of Bolba. They returned with Br Sumilan. We had fellowship meal to gather in the parish house at night.

8th Br Sumilan was leaving to his house before leaving he took a lesson in the High School. In late morning in the School we had farewell for Br Sandip. Br Selvan is in train back to Kurdeg. Everything goes well and safe and sound. Next day, Br. Selvan arrived in Kurdeg, but at the same time, Br. Raja is leaving for Bangalore (lessons in Dharmaram). We went to Roukela and we dropped Brother in the Station, that day our car punctured and on returning we met heavy rains… and nearby Kurdeg, lots and lots of cows… (going for market). We arrived late home, but Brothers were waiting for us.

Next days were days of farewell, especially for our Brothers Sandip and Selvan: in the Parish, in the Schools, in the Sisters’ Convent, in some families, etc. Br. Selvan finally left on 14 May. In Rourkela we enjoyed his generous invitation while eating a delicious ice-cream.

Br. Sandip went home for holidays and visiting the family. But Brothers Efraim and Abhay stayed on that day in Rourkela Bishop’s house. The following days we had family visit of some candidates from Rourkela Diocese (and even Sambalpur). During two days we travelled many kilometres, finding the houses of the candidates. Finally we did our job under a sun of justice, and every day we ended very tired. Thanks that in Bishop’s house of Rourkela there is electricity and we could sleep more or less (so many mosquitoes…). On 16 we visited Br. Sandeep Minz’s house and family. We had nice stay and meal there (tasting the refreshing ‘jharia’, very necessary for this hot weather). At the end of the day, we three came to Bishop’s house.

Next day, 17, early morning we went to Railway Station. A Dominican Sister from Eluru was coming to our place of Kurdeg for recruiting some girls. We all went to Kurdeg, Brothers Efraim, Abhay, Sandeep, the Sister and one candidate. Once in Kurdeg, at night, Br. Danid Tirkey joined us. So the house was full.

On 18, Br. Abhay remained alone in Kurdeg, taking care of the house. Brothers Sandeep Kullu and Dinesh Ram visited him some days later. On that same 18, afternoon, the rest of people left Kurdeg via Thetaitangar until Rourkela. Br. Sandeep Minz went to his house, but Br. Efraim and Sister and candidates went to Eluru. Br. Superior was on his way to Bangalore to attend the National Convention of Narbi (Assembly of Religious Brothers in India) held at CRI Brothers’ College. The experience was very nice. Many Brothers gathered for the occasion (more than hundred). On his way back, Br. Superior stopped also in Eluru. He was back in Kurdeg on 29. Some of our future aspirants from Kurdeg parish were at home.

Last day of the month, 30, Br. Abhay went for holidays and visit to his family. In the evening, Br. Sandip departed for Eluru and then his new appointment in Bangalore CRI Brothers’ College for Theological studies. Br. Paul Raj joined him from Eluru. At home, Kurdeg, Br. Superior remained alone, though sometimes accompanied by some of the future candidates from this parish. They nearly couldn’t understand each other.

 The chronicler of Kurdeg.




April, holy month

  April 2014

These days we were going hospital to see Br Selvan who was admitted in Holy Cross Hospital, in Kunkuri.  Everywhere we can find propagandas of Election parties, and some time we struggle to get vehicle to move, even to go to hospital. One important day of this was on Tuesday, many people came especially because there was a great expectation: a helicopter was coming bringing a political party leader. The politician came late afternoon for a meeting in the market, but more than the people in the market they gathered in the ground where the helicopter was. As it was late and there was no fuel (fuel came late) so the whole night had to remain in the ground; the pilot took refuge at our house. As there was no moonlight, the police, who were taking care of the helicopter, came that night with parish priest asking for light and to switch on generator; they promised us to return the fuel for that night. It was an unforgettable night since whole night we had electricity so we slept well with fan. The next day it took off leaving the surroundings full of dust.

On 2nd we went to discharge Brother from the hospital to bring him back to Community but it was not possible for doctor suggested to keep him one day more in the hospital; because of this, we were planning to shorten one day our annual retreat which will start a day after. Thank God the next day Brother Selvan took an effort and returned to Community safe and sound; we all had rosary and evening prayer in Community.

On 4th we started our annual retreat in a Redemptorist Father’s house in Khentatoli (Gumla Dt.). We started in the evening. Two Priests were guiding our retreat even one day we celebrated the Eucharist with their Provincial that was very inspiring and touching homily, besides the talk of the Priests every day we had some topic about our Founder as well the Institute. Everyday a Brother was guiding prayers as well as in pairs we prepared some topics to share in the evenings. It was a special moment for us to share many things of our Community as well as to be calm for a while out of our own routines. At the final day we tried to get vehicle to return home, after a lot of struggle and paying little more, we got. As there was Election, almost all the vehicles were taken for the election purpose. And in many places, police stopped us and checked.

On 11th our schools started to work till noon only, most of the hours spending in song practice for the Holy Week. The next day Br Selvan was caught by policemen in Kurdeg; that was the first time he has been stopped by them. In the evening our neighbor, the servants of the Parish, brought some Palms for the Sunday. On Palm Sunday many participated in Holy Eucharist. We had a short distance procession. In the time of the rosary instead of our cat, a small goat accompanied us.

On 14th High School Brothers got the salary of the last month.  In the evening some Brothers went to Kunkuri with Br Selvan who was asked to check his health soon after the retreat as there was no vehicle available we postponed until this day; everything went on well. Sister Superior from Convent accompanied us.

On 15th A Jesuit Brother, Alok Ekka, from Hatha, had a visit to our house; he was preparing the songs for these days of the Holy Triduum. Every day new students are joining in the schools; this day was a confession day to all the students. The next day most of the priests were taken for the election duty, including our parish priest.

On 17th Holy Thursday was a voting day in Simdega district. Brothers voted early in the morning, later we went for fishing in a small pool in the garden of the Priests.  It was clouded in the evening and rained a little, so that many could not come for Holy Eucharist of the Supper of the Lord.  At night we had supper in the parish house together with a Jesuit Deacon and a Salesian Priest. The Holy Hour of Adoration was with all the Religious at 11pm to 12 midnight. We closed the Church.

On Good Friday so many people came to the parish ground. First, there was a representation of the Way of the Cross followed by the Liturgy of the Passion and Death of our Lord. At night, as Community, we had prayer for a while in front of the Cross; we went to bed little late, Next day we had a walk with Mother Mary, we walked a short distance, until a dam. In the evening we were helping in decorating altar and preparing things for the Vigil Mass together with Sisters and Brother Regent. Lot of people came for the Vigil Mass. We went to bed around 4.30am. On Easter we greeted many Communities and Brothers. We were all tired so we had good rest in the afternoon.

21st April, some of our Brothers, Br Abhay, Br Sandip and Br Raja renewed their evangelical vows in the Eucharist. Afternoon we had community meal together, and some Brothers headed to the Frist Profession in Eluru. In the same train some of the families were coming but we did not know each other. We all gathered next day in Eluru Station.

On 23rd April was the profession of the Brothers. The ceremony was presided over by the Bishop of the diocese; some Brothers from Madurai community they also came as well as almost all the families of the newly professed Brothers. In the evening we had a cultural program. Our Brother Superior spoke on behalf of our Community.

On 24th it was the Anniversary of our first profession, so soon after the Eucharist the Brothers gave sweets to all the children in Eluru and in Kurdeg too. One hostel boy in Kurdeg ate so kind of a nut which made him for hours unconscious, everyone was so much worried about him. Thank God nothing happened to him. Br Selvan left that night to Tamil Nadu from Eluru to advance his Passport application. Next day Brothers left Eulru with all the Aspirants who are going for holiday as well with the parents of a newly professed Brother. Around 8 am all arrived to Eluru station then all come to know that trains were delayed, even an aspirant who came at 6 am was at the station waiting for his train. Our train arrived at 4:30pm; it was horrible day of staying in the station. Brothers reached Rourkela at 11:30 am. Brothers from Kurdeg came early and they too waited to pick us up in the station.

On Sunday there was First Communion Mass in our parish: 71 children got this sacrament. As community we had lunch together with priests in the Sisters’ convent because from their hostel 5 girls took first communion. Br Efra and Br Abhay went to pick up Br Xavier to go to Gumla Vocation Camp which will start from following day.

On 28th April, it was a normal day: morning lessons were going on in the schools, in the evening there was a call for Br Sandip whose uncle got accident that he needed to go, so, following day he went home; as it was Tuesday Brs. Efra and Raja went for market to buy things, on this same day, the 10th standard results were published in the evening but only on the net. On 30th the result for the 10th Board exams were published only the first marks of the State on the newspaper. According to the percentage, it is better than last year; many have passed.

                                                                                              The Community of Kurdeg.  




The feast of Holi

  March 2014

On first of this month it was a raining day; we tried to have the Eucharist in Community as it was Saturday but could not; we celebrated usual Hindi Mass in Church. The rain had continued for some days longer.  On 5th Bro. Raja reached Community for he came by the bus, Brothers were slightly worried how he would come. Fr. Shashi had cleared the scholarships this day.  Brothers had an informal meeting.

We had Community meeting on Book of The Mission of The Institute. All the women in the parish who were belonging to Mahila Sang were asked to participate in a rally which was held in Simdega, the Sisters too had gone from all the Parishes.  

On Friday, the Way of the Cross is celebrated in a different manner in different groups. Brothers prayed the Way of the Cross with students. Each School had their own timetable: they come to Church and pray it. For the people of the villages the Way of the Cross is done in their own place by the Catechist. 10th standard exams have finished on this day so the students returned from Simdega.

On 8th we had our recollection day in Konvir Nawatoli in a Redemptorist Father’s residence. It had been good occasion; we came back in the evening; on the way we met Bishop of Simdega, later we were told that there would be strike on the following day. As it was said there had been strike for a Politician was killed but Bro. Efra needed to go to Eluru; we had our own timetable in the morning, after the lunch with him to Brothers went because it was not good to travel alone.

On 10th Annual exams for all the schools started as usual, many had been malpractice while the exams were on. The next day was a normal market day, in the evening it drizzled. These days Bro. Selvan is not feeling well. At night there was some sound behind our house which disturbed us. Here in the morning there was a Sacrament Baptism of a teacher’s daughter. This day in the evening also it rained. Our cook is sick so he did not come to cook: our Bro. Abhay was cooking. As students were busy in examination we could not help him.

Second day that cook did not come; Bro. Abhay was cooking while other Brothers were helping him; we enjoyed his food. This day we wanted to get some documents for the land but it was not possible. Bro. Selvan is so sick that from dispensary an old Sister came to check him; late morning they went to Kunkuri for checkup. Bro. Efra returned back from Chennai on 14th after registering his visa; on the way we met Bishop who was insisting about the land matter. This day our cook also arrived in the morning. Soon after the lunch we all together headed to Holy Cross hospital for consulting doctor and checkup Bro. Selvan. As we had gone out we could not do our Way of the Cross with students, so we did in Community at night.

By 15th almost exams were over in High School. There was picnic in Khasdega for staff members, some did not come; it had been meeting of feedback of the year: Priests and Brothers were not so much respected in the school. In the morning we had Eucharist in Community at home. On Sunday Sisters of St. Lucy came from AP for Vocation Promotion, our Brother picked them up from Simdega.

Holi Feast is considered as a New Year for Hindus where they apply colour powders; on 17th it was celebrated in a grand manner that no vehicles, all the shops, houses… were closed. In the morning we were fishing in Father’s pond;  Bro. Efra needed to go to Rourkela, no one was willing to rent vehicle on this day; after a lot of difficult and little high price we got a vehicle; Brothers accompanied him:  what a great experience, Rourkela seemed empty in the Railway Station very few were there. Soon after dropping him Brothers returned home. Even some came from Kurdeg to put colour to Sisters and Brothers. All of us were busy in correcting papers. From the morning till the evening we did not move anywhere, in the evening St Lucy Sisters started their vocation visiting near villages with the help of Brothers. Bro. Selvan was sick and Bro. Efra who was travelling was also sick. This day also Brothers were helping them to have some family visit in neighboring villages.

After the annual exam there is no so many holidays so every day the School was open that all students have to appear till result is given. On 21st Bro. Abhay and Bro. Selvan  did not feel well that day so both could not go to School. The next day we heard that Bro. David’s father had expired. On Sunday again Bro. Selvan went with Brother to Holy Cross hospital after going he felt well he came back with a lot of tablets. This day evening was the Burial of David’s father, Brothers from Madurai attended the Funeral ceremony. 

On 25th in the High School there was Parents’ meeting: very few came, this day all the results were given, around 800 students are studying in the school but not even 40 parents came for the meeting. This shows how much interest they show for their children’s studies. Following day Middle School had Parents’ meeting. On Friday Bro. Selvan was sicker than before, he could not sleep that night, again they went to hospital. Our Way of the Cross was with students. As Brother Superior was not here we could not decide anything by ourselves.

On 29th Bro. Efra returned; soon after his arrival we went altogether to Holy Cross hospital. Bro. Selvan was admitted as per the doctor’s suggestion. That day was a pilgrim day of the youth of our Parish. Brothers could not attend it. One Brother remained with him that day night, taking care of him. On Sunday all of us were with him the whole morning; Bro. Abhay stayed with him that night.

  Bro. Raja  

Happy New Year, Brothers

  January 2014

Thank you, Lord, for the New Year. Our Community has passed here six months in this place of Kurdeg. It was strange for us because in our parish there was no Vigil Mass while other parishes had it. But we celebrated New Year Mass early in the morning, at 7 am; at the beginning no one except we Brothers who were arranging everything for the Mass and some Sisters who were decorating altar, were there. The Holy Mass started at 8 am, because of the people it was delayed.

On 2nd January, for Morning Prayer Fr. Shashi joined us.  As we were three, we engaged ourselves in our personal works. In the evening Hatta (Parish village) had arranged a picnic: all the Priests and religious were invited. There Bro. Selvan was as a chief guest, because of his encouragement they won football match. To celebrate it in a grand manner they invited all. We took our supper.  We had some balance fireworks of Diwali in which Bro. Abhay also took some for chasing elephants in his village.

On 3rd the High School started with very few students so it was a half day of working. In the evening we went to marriage function with priests except Bro. Selvan, who was sick. The next day Brothers went to Rourkela to pick up Bro. Efra; they straightly went to Bishop’s House to take our English Missal. By that time the VG of Simdega Diocese passed away but no one knew it. Late morning everyone came to know. It was the last day Fr. Shashi came to our Morning Prayer. Next day was Sunday, the funeral mass was at Simdega cathedral; we had our own timetable at home.

Monday there was a marriage function next to the Parish; we were all invited. Following days our Community was in diet. Adharcard work started in this week so most of the students as well as teachers were in busy in doing Adharcard works, in the School there were no lessons. Bro. Sandip went home some days to take care of his brother-in-law who was very sick. On 10th there was inauguration of Sisters Convent in Pakertoli; Bro. Sandip went in two-wheeler to drop Bro. Efra then he came back to continue his lessons. In the evening Bro. Raja went there to take him. It was a very rough and tough road. The next day Brothers travelled to Tethaitangar for the matter of scholarship.

On 12th it was Bro. Bosco’s birthday, so we greeted him. At night some puppies entered in our house which disturbed us at night and in the morning spoiled the flowers. This week, fully High School students were taken for the song practice. Like in Tamilnadu we had holiday on 14th where we greeted Pongal wishes to Madurai Community. At the end of the week, Saturday, we went to Banghaon for the first mass of a Salesian Priest and speak to the ‘Prachar’ (catechist) of the village about our land matter while Bro. Efra and Bro. Abhay remained at home and had a walk.

19th was an outing day: We went to Bro. Abhay’s house soon after the Holy Mass. His house was almost in the middle of mountains and forest. After passing through lot of rough and tough roads we reached his village. His house was at the end of the village (Sarangadi). His father and his brother were there to welcome us, and many of his relatives also came to greet us. There we saw the footprints of forest elephants which came in the time of harvest. It is normal to see those elephants passing through that village. Even they asked us to stay at night if we wanted to see elephants. In the evening we started to move from his village to Gumla and then to Simdega, finally we arrived to our community at 10.20pm.

On Bro. Selvans’s birthday we celebrated the Holy Mass in Community in English with two deacons who would be ordained on 22nd by Cardinal Telesphore P. Toppo in our parish. It was in the evening that we invited Priests and Deacons for the supper. We grilled some pieces of chicken and we had our special ‘badhakhana’. Next day was the birthday of Bro. Efra. We invited Priests and Sisters for the lunch.  Everyone was busy in that day because of the preparation for the ordination Mass. All came when they found time to our house, Sister Superior came late at noon.  In the evening we all helped in decorating the stage for the Eucharist.

 The Ordination Mass which supposed to be at 7:00am was started at 8:30am, we greeted Cardinal. We expected the presence of our Bishop but he did not come. Brothers were singing and playing guitar. Soon after the Eucharist there were many Programs. In the evening there was a traditional game which is to ask money from the family of new Ordained Priests because new ordained will be in the residency of Priests. Next day, First Mass was in their villages. As usual we attended mass in the morning in the parish, but Bro. Superior went also to the First Mass of one of the newly priests. Rest of Brothers, after finishing our lessons, we went with Parish priest to greet another one Priest (Fr. Lilan Kerketta) who celebrated his First mass at home (Kerakachar) but far from this place though belonging to this Parish.

In the evening we went to Karwatoli to the house of Fr. Deepak Ekka of the Diocese of Bharaipur in West Bengal (near Culcutta); by this time Bro. Efra finished visiting the priests and was at home. Later we reached Gajmara to the house of Fr. Albert Lakra of the Archdiocese of Ranchi. We arrived at our community at 9:15pm. Next morning, hand-pump works started at home; in the evening we had community meeting about calendar and news of our Province and Institute. End of the week, Saturday, Bro. Selvan and Fr. Shashi went to a Banghaon to speak about the land matter; they returned unsuccessfully.

On 26th it was Republic Day as it was Sunday after the two Masses there was an act of patriotic programs with all the students. The tricolor flag was unfurled by our Parish priest then the March of the students. We continue with the same routing of the timetable of the community. In the following days, the three Schools started preparing for the sports day which would be held on 1st February. This month is full of feasts coming one after another in the Parish: Marriages, Ordination and First Masses, in the Schools a week for Adharcard, another for song practice, Republic program and sports day preparation, etc.

                                                                                              The Community of Kurdeg.